Company Overview

IPCSA was originally founded as the European Port Community Systems Association in 2011, by six European-based PCS operators. It was relaunched in 2014 as an international association, reflecting its growing membership outside Europe. 

Today, IPCSA’s members operate across the world, exchanging electronic information at more than 100 sea and air ports, rail and inland waterways, and border crossing points. This equates to more than 350 million TEU and 7 billion tonnes of world trade a year. 

IPCSA’s membership provides representation in each of the five UN Regional Commission regions. This geographical reach enables it to address the needs of members on a regional as well as international basis. IPCSA has consultative status at the International Maritime Organization and Special Consultative Status at UN ECOSOC, both providing an important platform for representing the needs of its members and its members’ users at the highest level. 

For further information on IPCSA, please contact Richard Morton, Secretary General of IPCSA. 

Telephone: 0044 7796 334960

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