Svein David Medhaug
Project Manager - Autonomous Ships and Digitalisation
The Norwegian Maritime Authority

Svein David Medhaug is an experienced Senior Engineer employed at the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA), where he has been responsible for E-navigation since 2009.  With this position Medhaug chairs the international correspondence group for E-navigation in IMO and leads the work titled: “Guidelines for harmonized display for navigation information received via communication equipment”. Medhaug is also project manager for all work relating to autonomous and remote vessels at the NMA, an area which is central to Norway’s proactive stance regarding innovation and promoting a more sustainable, safer and cleaner marine industry. With a background as Deck Officer on both oil and LNG tankers in the Norwegian merchant fleet, Medhaug has hands on experience and also a very strong interest in innovation and new technology.


“Automation is already creating a revolution  and will continue to do so. The shipping industry is going through a transformation and crucial to this is how we manage this transition smoothly and safely” – Svein David Medhaug.

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